How to Order (訂 購 方 法)

Step 1.
Please select your favour and complete the order form or contact us direct.

Step 2.
Please deposit the exact amount in cash (HK$) into our bank accounts at:
Hang Seng Bank : 370-2-019054

恆生銀行: 370-2-019054

(Payment to be made prior to delivery date)

Step 3.
Please fax or e-mail us the bank deposit receipt and the completed order form for our confirmation.

Step 4.
Our Staff will confirm the order with you upon receiving your request (contact number must be provided in the order form)
本店職員在收到訂單及繳費收據傳真或電郵後會聯絡閣下確認訂單. (煩請清楚填上聯絡電話於訂單上)

Fax No.:2668 9086
E-Mail: /

**Important Notice (重 要 事 項)**

1. All deliveries are within HONG KONG only

2. Please order item(s) TWO days before delivery date. We can make delivery on Public Holidays

3. The pictures are shown as example. The items delivered might not look exactly as shown. The difference might due to the matching flowers or the colour of the wrapping paper

4. Due to fluctuations in flower prices during holidays (e.g. Christmas, Valentines' Day...) we reserve the right to alter our prices without notice. In this case, we will notify the affected customers in advance
因時花價格可能因時節而浮動(如:聖誕節,情人節等) ,我們將因應情況作出調整而不在這網頁內更新,所有受影響的客戶會作出個別通知

5. No refund is possible